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Interviewing Your Recovery Coach

New data suggests that Recovery Coaching greatly improves success rates among recovering alcoholics and addicts.  In fact, nearly 75% of individuals with a recovery coach maintain sobriety for a year or more.  In the emerging field of Recovery Coaching, it is imperative that you know the right questions to ask your Recovery Coach before beginning services.

At our facility, our Recovery Coaches should offer you a free consultation to discuss the services we offer and to hear about what you are looking for in Recovery Coaching.  This is essential in determining if the Recovery Coach is a good fit for your recovery needs.

You should not agree to receiving services or sign a payment contract until you have consulted with your Recovery Coach and asked the following questions:

What services do you offer as a Recovery Coach?

The Recovery Coach should be able to describe their services to you in detail.  They will be able to describe materials they will use in coaching, the number of face-to-face visits per month, the number of telephone based meetings per month, and the number of technology based contacts per month.  The Recovery Coach should also be able to share with you their admission process, recovery planning steps, relapse prevention tools, and discharge criteria.

 Are you a Certified Recovery Coach?

There are many certifications available for Recovery Coaches.  Individuals who do not have an independent licenses as a therapist, psychologist, counselor, social worker, or certified addictions professional should have a Recovery Coaching Certification.  You want to ensure that the individual you are seeking services with has the necessary skills to assist you in maintaining your recovery.

Do you receive supervision?

All professionals should have a clinical supervisor giving them feedback and guidance on the services they deliver.  It is critical, in Recovery Coaching, that non-licensed professionals, such as Recovery Coaches, receive supervision from an independently licensed professional, such as a clinical social worker, counselor, psychologist, or certified addictions professional.

Do you use Evidenced-based Practices in your services?

There is a large body of proven programming to help individuals recover from alcohol and drug addiction.   These programs, called Evidence-based Practices, have been researched by experts and proven to have positive results for client.  It is important to understand if your Recovery Coach is using some of the programs that are proven to show effectiveness is relapse prevention.  Your Recovery Coach should be able to provide you with the name of any Evidence-based program they are using, along with information related to the research done on the program’s effectiveness.

What do you charge?

A reputable Recovery Coach should have a clear fee for their services, with no hidden charges.  A financial agreement detailing the amount to be charged, over the course of services should be provided to you during your initial consultation and signed prior to beginning services.  This agreement should contain information on charges, either per visit, per week, or per month.  The agreement should also detail the time payment is due, penalties for non-payment, and charges for no-show or cancelled appointments.

Finding the right Recovery Coach is critical for your success in recovery.  There are many, many Recovery Coaches out in the market.  Finding the right qualified professional to meet your needs could be the key to maintaining your sobriety.  The questions outlined about will help you make the right decision about which Recovery Coach can help you on the pathway to a better you!