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Many times families need support from a compassionate professional to ensure they are able to transition through difficult situations, such as separation, divorce, and child custody.  Our CEO, Christina St.Clair, has the education in both the legal process and counseling practices involving unique family situations.  We are dedicated to being an agency where families can receive the support services they need when navigating family changes in a respectful and sensitive environment.

Divorce Mediation

Going through a divorce can be one of the most painful and stressful times in the life of a family. We will help you navigate these difficult circumstances with sensitivity and compassion. We realize that mediation is often the best way to resolve issues without the necessity of long court trials. Mediation can save couples significant amounts of money and time.  It also allows couples to both have a say in their final agreement, without leaving critical decisions about their lives, assets, and children up to the courtroom process.  We work with couples who are represented by attorneys and couples who are seeking a pro se mediated agreement.

Social Investigations

In separation and divorce, parents do not always agree on shared custody arrangements for their children.  During a social investigation, one of our trained clinical staff, who specialize in the treatment of children and families, will conduct an investigation to develop a report for the court on a recommended parenting plan.  These investigations involve interviews with the children, meetings with each parent, home-visits to each parent’s home, and a formal report to the court based on the investigator’s opinion on the parenting plan that is in the best interest of the child.

Parenting Coordination

We have parenting coordinators approved for delivery of this service in multiple circuits in the State of Florida.  The services are offered as an alternative dispute resolution for parents who have been unable to resolve conflicts over parenting successfully.  When on-going high-conflict between parents is an issue, the court may order you to seek out these services.

Hi-Conflict Co-Parenting UnPlugged! (HICCUP)

This training is an intensive course that includes 6 hours of class lecture and skill-building.  It focuses on individual responsiblity and provides individualized feedback regarding type and communication style. Topics include: the role of personality type in high-conflict co- parenting, parental alienation – the child/parent crisis, and how to manage technology and communication.   Upon completion of the course, a certificate of completion will be provided to your attorney and the Court.

Those who are interested in taking the course, individuals who have been Court Ordered to take the course, and those enrolled in Parenting Coordination who have been recommended to take the course can register using the following link: HICCUP Registration

Registration closes three days prior to the start of the next class.  Upcoming classes are scheduled for :

July 30th, 2022, Live Online/Zoom

September 10th, 2022, Live In-Person/Orange Park Office

October 22nd, 2022, Live Online/Zoom

December 4th, 2022, Live Online/Zoom

Batterer’s Intervention Program (BIP)

Our staff offer a 26-week batterer’s intervention program, both individually and in a group forum.  This course is intended to meet the requirements of court ordered participation in a BIP cirrculum.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office for more information.